Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shadows in Gozo

On holiday in Gozo it isn't hard to find shadows. Early every morning I walked around the little harbour in Marsalforn and saw many shadows. With the fishing boats coming in I saw lots of fishing nets and cages.

I liked the delicate shadows of these fishing cages and captured them with my camera. Sorry to say I don't know what kind of fish they catch with these cages, if you know do tell me!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your Sunday!


Sylvia K said...

Oh, what lovely shadow shots they make! I don't know what fish they catch, but they do catch a great shadow! Hope your weekend is going well, Carin!


EG Wow said...

How lovely to see so much sunshine and shadows!

Ralph said...

It must be nice to fish in waters full of seafood. The traps leave delicate shadows that look like the netting on the ground. I can almost smell the salt water on the wind - the aroma of the sea is invigorating!

Hey Harriet said...

A holiday in Gozo sure must be fun. I think I just like the name 'Gozo' :)

The fishing trap shadows are lovely. I have no idea what kind of fish are caught in them. I've seen traps a little like those ones to catch crabs.

Hope you have a great week. One filled with plenty of sunshine!

Anonymous said...

I love the delicate shadows!