Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cycling around Buren

Yippie it's that time of year again! Cycling, walking and having a drink outside! Here we are in Buren, a small, historical city in the middle of Holland.
We cycled from junction to junction. At every junction there is a road map giving you a good idea of your whereabouts and giving various possibilities to which junction you can continue cycling.Cycling and walking over dikes under a very blue sky in lovely Spring weather!
We cycled through the city gate in Buren.People relaxing and having a drink next to the little river in Buren, enjoying a beautiful Spring day!

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Ralph said...

This is a beautiful place! In the US, we don't have old cities with tall houses a short distance from a canal. Being newer, our country is spread out and we end up driving much more. The windmill is to me a classic item of Holland. This seems to be the place to enjoy a coffee at a small outside cafe. Beautiful country!