Saturday, January 09, 2010

Siberian temperatures

Brrr it's freezing cold in Holland. The sun does come up but the days are mostly gloomy, gray and very cold. Everywhere you look it's white and roads are very slippery. A real winter! Best place to be is inside with a good book or take off to the sun (like my folks did today).

Our friends, the horses, across the road have been collected a week ago as they have to be fed daily now that snow covers the field. I guess the owner took them closer home so he could take care of them. Funny how we got so used to them in such a short time. It was fun seeing them approach at a trot and even whinny when we would give them our old bread and at times apples and carrots! Hope they'll be back soon.

Today the wind is freezing cold too and weather forecasts are warning for the extreme feel of coldness outside! I went through by bike to do some shopping and on my way back I noticed the gulls in the water and the whiteness all around.

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June said...

Harsh conditions! We're down to freezing even here in S. Florida!