Monday, January 04, 2010

4 January 1975

Hard to believe today it's 35 years ago that my parents and us kids moved to Gozo, a little isle in the Mediterranean Sea. I couldn't have imagined on that day that I would grow to love that beautiful island and really feel at home there. My how I hated to leave all my friends and family behind in Holland to go and live in a country which I never heard of before and where I couldn't make myself understood. In my diary I saved the boarding pass of that day and wrote down that we travelled with two planes to get to Malta. Flying over the Alps impressed me a lot that day and we enjoyed taking a look in the cockpit of the plane.

On this picture, taken in 1976, the Melitaland is entering Mgarr harbour, Gozo. Not the boat we travelled on 35 years ago for that was the Jylland. Couldn't find a picture of that boat in my collection. Later we crossed over many times with the Melitaland which was more a good weather boat.


Anonymous said...

Waar blijft de tijd?

Anonymous said...

Voor mij was het een gevoel dat ik helemaal geen fam. meer had. jan.1975

Malta leek zo ver.
maar het is ook mijn tweede thuis geworden.