Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Concert

Saturday evening we went to Arnhem for a Christmas Concert of Andre Rieu and his orchestra. It was fabulous! Pity they weren't allowed to hang the chandeliers for I think that would have given it all a cosier sphere. OK the music made up for that for it was beautiful and besides that we all got these sticks, that give light, to shake and so create a sphere of our own! What a great idea.

Andre Rieu also had 400 hornblowers join in the show. Fantastic, what a sound!

My favourite song was sung by a Dutch artist. It's called: The town! WOW it gave me goose bumps, so beautiful!

We sat on the back balcony and could oversee the whole hall. A perfect place to enjoy! Here are just two pictures to give you an impression.

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