Monday, July 06, 2009

Summer holidays

Summer holidays have started for the schools in the North of Holland. On Saturday we noted many caravans on the road on their way to holiday destinations. Holland is divided in 3 holiday regions: North, South and Middle to spread summer holidays. Region North is the first this year and they started summer holidays last Friday.


Expat Traveler said...

wow - how exciting! I wish I had summer holidays, but this year I will train for triathlons. I'd love to go live to the Tour also.. Yeah for you!

yes the weather here is incredible lately. Nice and perfect weather, about 25C daily, slight winds always living near the water though..

Have a great vacation and I hope if you see the tour to see photos!

June said...

Will you be traveling?

WILBO43 said...

Look at those blue skies, wow. Everytime I come to Europe the skies are grey and overcast and raining a lot. It was in August 08 when we were in Amsterdam.

Great blog!

M.Kate said...

Certainly looks fun and exciting. We dont have summer holidays here, otherwise no one will work for 1 year :P