Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Museum visit

In Amsterdam we were on our way to the above building. It used to be a nursing home but has been rebuild to become the Hermitage museum.Only a few weeks ago Hermitage Amsterdam opened its doors to the exhibition "At the Russian Court". To me this exhibition sounded very interesting and a possibility to see part of the collection that is normally displayed at the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg.There were two large halls besides many smaller rooms displaying all treasures. The "ballroom" with revolving display cases and the surprise of suddenly hearing ballroom music created a perfect sphere. The large oil paintings hanging everywhere are painted in such detail that it really amazed me. So clear that faces looked like photo's taken. It was a delight to see all these wonderful paintings. The lovely dresses, ball gowns and other costumes on display made me gasp in awe but also happy that I live now and don't have to wear such clothes. The pictures of St. Petersburg make me wish to visit that impressive city one day. The wing with pictures, paintings and lots of information about the period that spanned the reign of six tsars of the Romanov dynasty was very interesting and touching too, especially knowing the tragic history of the last tsar of Russia. Leaving the Hermitage Amsterdam I felt I have learned a lot about life at the Russian Court. The clothes, the paintings, the information, the historical facts and all other treasures on diplay. I can only say one thing WOW it was fantastic!

Thanks to those people who made it possible to visit this beautiful exhibition so close to home!


M.Kate said...

Nice! I would love to go there :P

June said...

I'd like this place!