Monday, June 01, 2009

Water lilies

We came across this pond with waterlilies. Ah so lovely and so perfect to try our photographic skills. This is what I captured without falling in the pond.
After a long photo shoot we decided to cycle on when looking to the right I nearly fell off my bike when I noticed this. Hey what's that between that tall watergrass. We got of the bike again and took a closer look.
Wow these are even more beautiful.Zooming in I got an even more fantastic picture.
This is such a pretty water lily. A little further along the route we came across another pond filled with water lilies.


Anonymous said...

Prachtig prachtig .

Expat Traveler said...

how beautiful, i can't wait to find some flowers on ours.

M.Kate said...

WOW!! Carin, these are magnificent and really beautiful. I used to have 3 pots of them but have given up since because they never bloom..but really, these are strikingly pretty.