Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another exam

Regular readers of my blog know that, even though I'm a young middle aged person, I am still a student and love nearly every minute of it. It is so good to be able to learn new things. Going to college is a delight and those 4 hours every week pass very quickly. Also studying at home is no problem at all.

However exam time is another thing for I hate that period. The weeks before an exam the tension rises and it feels as if all free time is gobbled up by manuals and even during the exam the stress is high. Who would have thought that of an elder student who should know that there is more to life than passing exams.

Anyway today I had to do an exam and next week I have another. That will hopefully be my last exam for a very long time. After all these years I took some pictures to show you where I have done most exams in the past six years: in a sports hall! LOL ..... and for those of you who think I never sweat in a sports hall: today I did!


Anonymous said...

Dat doen ze jou allemaal nog niet na.Een gezin werken en studeren we zijn trots op je.

M.Kate said...

Nice yellow flower..hang on there, I did my studies in my late 20's while working, sure exams are not fun but you'll love it when you finish. Happy weekend :P