Monday, May 25, 2009


Those who guessed at my previous post are right, the shadow shot is a zoomed in photo of a flower in our garden. It is such a delight to take macro shots of flowers. I notice things I would never have noticed if I hadn't taken a macro shot. When I zoomed in on this flower to study it more closely I noted the shadows and the stripes in the flower petals. We don't have a big garden and this plant does not even have that many flowers but still it is a delight to see. This attractive flower is called Geranium and there are many kinds of it.
We planted it next to our little water, in winter it is all gone and in Spring it starts flowering again. Here's a sunny close up, taken this afternoon. We had a very hot, sunny day and weather forecasts say tomorrow will be even hotter. Guess you won't be seeing much of me around here the coming weeks as exams are nearing again. Today I spent the whole afternoon in the shade of an umbrella at our picknicktable studying and trying to understand Marketing and Organization Strategies. Yak!

Have a joyful and good week!

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Lucy said...

That's gorgeous. Different from the geraniums I know. But then I don't know a whole lot about flowers. Just that that ones pretty, and this one over here is pretty, and oh my gosh look at that pretty one. You know. What a beautiful country you live in.