Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Know this one? The ripe fruits of the Dandelion. As a child I used to love to pick them and blow very hard to watch the ripe fruits fly away with the wind. What fun!The other day I noted the fields colouring yellow with the flower heads of the Dandelion. It was a delight to see. Funny that these flowers look great in fields and along roadsides. Whenever we see one in our garden we call it a weed and will remove the whole weed including the root.


Lucy said...

As little kids we used to pick those and make a wish and then blow. However many fluffy little things were left on the stem was how many years we had to wait till the wish came true. Which never worked because there were always TOO MANY fluffy things left. When I was in Washington DC last month I was walking with my five year old grand-daughter. She picked one of those and I told her the old wish routine. She looked at me, made a wish, blew and then said....Yeah Right!

Wade said...

Oh my goodness! We have those "dandies" all over the place here! They will never be conquered! I hear they make good wine too. ;-)