Monday, May 04, 2009

Blue butterfly

In the butterfly garden I noted this blue butterfly fluttering around. It was quiet large. It settled down on a leaf in the distance.That's when I tried zooming in with my small digital camera hoping I would get a sharp picture. It worked even better than I thought it would for on the picture even the water drops were visible. It also looks as if part of its right wing is missing.


June said...

It sure does look like a piece of wing is missing...always wonder about the story behind animals' wounds and scars. Sad story last night about the economy affecting the lives of horses in this country. People can no longer afford to keep from legislators about starting to slaughter them. So sad the innocents have to pay for our mistakes...makes me wish that the horse owners showcased at the Kentucky Derby this weekend would step up with some of their money. But alas, it's survival of the fittest...and luckiest!

M.Kate said...

I never get to photograph them whenever they visit at my garden, and this blue one is very pretty. The only thing I dont like about them is when they lay hundreds of eggs on my gardenias and within a short period, those caterpillars will chomped up half the bush. Hope you are having a good week...hugs/M

Kerri said...

Wow! This is a stunning butterly! Great job with the close up!!