Monday, April 27, 2009

Largest butterfly ever

Today I saw the largest butterfly ever and at first I thought it wasn't real. Had to shake the tree it was on a little, to check this out, and yes it is a real butterfly for I noticed it moving! Glad it didn't fly away for then it would have really frightened me!

Just in case you're wondering: I didn't see this butterfly out in the open but I saw it in a butterfly garden at the zoo in Emmen.

Note: This butterfly is called Atlas Moth, just now I noticed the snake heads at both sides of its wings. Amazing! Do you see them?


Sweet Repose said...

What a fabulous moth and the snake heads on it's wings...truly stunning, Nature at her finest!

That is the chicken said...

wow! Those snake heads look really mean..what an amazing cretaure!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

No cool is that? Yes....we would have been a bit taken aback too if it was flying about!!

Anonymous said...

this butterfly certainly catches my eye. ;-)


Isolated Existence said...

Wow, that's big! Beautiful..