Thursday, April 09, 2009

Happy Easter!

Came across this big Easter bunny in Bocholt, Germany. Good thing they showed it behind glass for it is completely made of chocolate. Mmmmmmmm it looked oh so pretty and oh so delicious!

You might have missed me and that's because somehow I don't feel like spending so much time behind a PC right now. There are so many other fun and not-fun things to do. The weather has been lovely for the past week and for Easter they forecast nice, sunny, warm weather! Just perfect as we have a long weekend here in Holland. Schools are always closed on Good Friday and here in Holland Monday is called 2nd Easter day so we have an extra Sunday too. Yippie!

Wishing whoever reads this a very happy Easter and enjoy the eggs but most of all have fun!


Anonymous said...

Happy happy Easter liefs Mam .

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter for you and your
husband and kids
your aunt

Sabine said...

Happy Easter to you and your family, Carin! It seems the weather in Europe is beautiful - unlike over here!?! Strange, very strange!

I, too, try spending less time on the 'puter... you are perfectly right, there's soooo much to do that doesn't involve the PC!!

Hugs from Gozo!