Thursday, April 30, 2009

Festivities end in drama

Today Queensday in Holland has ended in a drama. A car drove into the public along the route which the royal family followed. The royal family sat in an open bus and the car came through the public and bore into a monument, passing the royal bus very closely.

Just now there was a press conference on TV stating that 4 people died and 13 are wounded, some severe. My condolences go to these people and their families. This should not have happened at all and has put a blemish on this beautiful day. I feel for all those involved in this tragedy!

This morning we were sitting before the TV watching the festivities in Apeldoorn where the royal family was celebrating this Queensday. I was reading the paper while keeping half an eye on the TV when all of a sudden I realised something very disturbing was happening. A car drove through the public, past the royal bus and drove into a monument. How awful! At first we couldn't believe this was happening but after watching TV for many hours we realised it was true. A drama has happened!

These festivities on Queensday are a tradition of many years but today was special because 100 years ago the Queens mum was born. Because of that a parade would take place in Apeldoorn, similar to when the Queens mum used to be Queen.

Public buildings are flagging at half mast now, as this beautiful day has come to an awful end, most festivities are cancelled.

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