Monday, March 30, 2009

The Venetian house

After receiving another positive study result I gave myself a break and decided to read a book that I've been wanting to read for some time now. A book in which I can dream away instead of all the serious stuff in the big load of study books I have to read. I was lucky as I picked just the right kind of book. It took me away to Corfu for several days.

The Venetian house is a very touching story of Victoria who lost her parents at a very young age and has now become a widow after several years of marriage. After the loss of her parents she was brought up by family in England but she spent het summer holidays, together with a cousin and a friend, at her Nonna's house on Corfu. After her early widowhood she has to escape from all complications life has brought her and she takes her little son with her to the Venetian house and her Nonna. There she meets Patrick, a photographer who is going to take photo's and write about the old house. He brings along his own problems but still a friendship and more starts to develop between Victoria and Patrick. For Nonna meeting Patrick brings back memories of her own past. Against the backdrop of that beautiful old house on Corfu everyone has to come to terms with their own past before contemplating their future.

This book gave me a much needed break and it was a very touching story!

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Lucy said...

Sounds good. Why can't life turn out like some of the good books. Ahhhhhh...........