Thursday, March 19, 2009


When in Veere, a few weeks ago the weather was already a little Spring like but still it amazed me to see people sitting outside.Veere is a small town in the province of Zeeland. It is situated next to The Veerse Meer, a lagoon, which was separated from the North Sea by the Delta Works.A small street in Veere with quaint little houses. The next picture shows the townhall in Veere. It is on the Top 100 list of Dutch Unesco monuments. Its architecture is gothic with statues of 4 ladies and 4 gentlemen of Veere.

Overlooking the market area in Veere.


june said...

Thanks for the little tour...charming little town it is.

Lucy said...

I wantwantwant to be there! What a neat little place. Always love your photos.

BLOGitse said...

I miss cafeterias like that!!!

WILBO43 said...

Great Blog. We visited Holland for the first time last August, unfortunately not long enough, but we'll be following your blog to see more from now.
Greetings from Down-Under