Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Social internship

My daughter and a schoolfriend are doing a social internship at a farm. Here they pose for the camera in their overall.

The internship will be for 4 days and every morning they have to cycle about 45 minutes to get to the farm (and of course in the evening again to get home). At the farm they learn how to take care of pigs as the farmer has a piggery.

Today they helped the sows give birth. It was a very big experience for them and she was full of it when she came home. They watched the piglets being born and had to pick them up after birth to put them next to a nipple. The sow lies in a farrowing pen to avoid the piglets from being laid on.

She told me that the piglets are oh so sweet and soft but they scream their heads off after birth.


Lucy said...

You know that saying...they can take the girl out of the country but they can't take the country out of the girl? That's me. I was raised on a farm and I've never gotten used to not being there. So it sounds like fun to me. And those cute little piggy-wiggy's. So cute.

June said...

What a wonderful opportunity!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting internship. Wow! Look at all those little pigs. ;-)