Friday, March 27, 2009


On this picture you see part of the Deltaworks, called the Oosterscheldekering, in the distance.We visited this construction also called storm surge barrier. Do you see those white steps in the distance that's where we went. To get there we passed through the concrete you see on the right.
In fact in that concrete there is a long hall with lots of information about the Deltaworks.Standing on one of the pillars of the storm surge barrier we overlooked the road next to the barrier. Here you can see the water flowing into the Oosterschelde, meaning that the tide is high. Wow the force of that flow of water!On the next picture you can see one of the black steel doors that will be closed if necessary. Normally these doors are open to let the tides rush through below them. But in case of adverse weather conditions these doors will be closed. At one end of the barrier, a plaque is installed with the words:
"Here the tide is ruled, by the wind, the moon and us (the Dutch)".


June said...

Very interesting to see...and the gray sky fits it.

Expat Traveler said...

Neat but rather scary too, great pics!

GMG said...

Hi Carin! Sorry for the delay coming here! It has been hard to get some free time... ;)
Interesting post!
Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, now with «The Masterpiece» for you. You shouldn’t miss it, believe me... ;). Enjoy and have a great weekend!