Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gables in Zierikzee

In Zierikzee the old houses have all kinds of gables. Literally translated they are named stepped, framed, clock or pilaster gables. Don't know the exact difference but I just liked taking their pictures. This is an easy one as everybody can see that this is a stepped gable because of its stair-step type of design at the the top of the building.
A very narrow house with very small shutters at the bottom part of the top windows.
Next to the above house there is a row of white houses with neck-gables (I would say). On looking up at the stepped gables on the next picture I noted that little step ladder in the middle. Made me wonder what it is there for.Another typical stepped gable house with lovely awnings.

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Brian said...

How fascinating. I must come to Europe soon! Our American architecture is so darn boring!