Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Who's Tommy?

On my way home the other day I noticed this sign attached to a lamp post. Heh it's about Tommy, but who's Tommy? In fact there is a pun in this as it is about the Who's Tommy that is about to be performed in the theater here in town. The musical group I help as a volunteer has made a wonderful musical of the Who's Tommy.

A few months ago I watched the DVD Tommy to get the idea and I must say that it couldn't appeal to me. It just isn't my kind of story and the music is not my genre at all.

After having seen and heard a tryout of the 2nd part of the musical this past weekend I now have the feeling that it's going to be an incredible show once again. This musical group keeps amazing me with all the great ideas they have and the way all members are able to live into their roll. In one word sublime!

Of course this all wouldn't be possible without the help of a large group of volunteers. Men who have spent a lot of time making the right stage setting and who are now busy building this setting in the theater. Women that have been sewing perfect fitting clothes for all actors. An orchestra that is filled with people that love making music and are really good in it.

Again I am glad to be able to help this musical group and I am looking forward to the coming performances. In the theater with the right lights everywhere, a sound that is fantastic, beautiful clothes and a great stage setting, everybody will be able to perform to their utmost and that will give all of us a wonderful feeling!

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Brian said...

It sounds exciting. Hopefully it fulfills everyones expectations! :)