Friday, February 06, 2009

Tommy in the news

Wow the musical group here in town had a wonderful tryout last night!

Today there was a big photo on the front page of the local newspaper showing Tommy just after birth.

The musical starts with a grownup Tommy telling his audience that to understand his story we will look back at how his parent's met.

Won't go into details about the story for if you google a little you will find the whole story. Will show you some shots made with my small digital camera, to give you an idea of how beautiful it all was.

The Christmas party.
Note the Christmas tree in the middle of the stage.

The awful cousins with Tommy. Doctor's at loss about what Tommy's suffering from.Scene with the Acid Queen.Playing pinball.....and becoming a champion! Tommy and Sally.Final song: "See me/feel me/listening to you"If you want to join in the fun just watch and listen to part of the Reprise:

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June said...

One of my favorite musicals!