Monday, February 09, 2009

Black Monday

After a weekend with Tommy, today it's all over again. Everything went well and it was a fantastic weekend!

The audience was full of compliments for our musical. After the last show I even met some serious fans of Tommy who kind off grew up with him. They had the LP and the dvd besides having been to all Tommy performances in Holland. These fans told me that our Tommy had really amazed them and that we, as an amateur club, had put down a near professional show! WOW great words to hear from others!

But now it is all over for the whole group. Especially the actors call today black Monday. They have been working so hard on Tommy for more than a year that it feels kinda strange now that it's all over.

Immediately after Tommy the crew starts removing all our stage settings. Decor pieces are loaded into a truck for transport to the material yard. We have to leave the theater empty for the next show.

It always makes me feel a little melancholic when I see the theater like this.

A last peek into an empty hall.


June said...

It is amazing isn't anticipation builds for so long and in a moment, it's over. So much in life is like that...

Expat Traveler said...

I totally agree with June.. Like when you are leaving your vacation and your great times behind. Or when you have to move... I think the feeling is the same...

Very odd but true.. I hope your new habits put a smile back on your face.