Saturday, February 28, 2009

Photo hunter - thankful

There are so many things to be thankful for! Most of all living in a free country, being able to travel around and enjoy life in good health and prosperity.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Little sheep

They wouldn't pose for me but these little sheep are oh so cute.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Photo hunter - warm

Warm is this week's photo hunter theme and I wondered where to look. It is still cold outside and very grayish, so no warm colours there either. OK we're lucky to have central heating around the house so inside it's warm but still it feels as if it has been a long time ago since I had to drag my chair in the shade of a tree because it was too warm to sit in the sun! Hah can't imagine that right now and am so longing for better temperatures to come this way!
As the weather is making me feel a little gloomy besides making me spend too much time behind a computer at first I didn't want to post anything but after reading Patricia's comment on my previous post I decided to join anyway. When I visited Pollywog Creek oh I felt so envious of all the warmth over there. Go and have a look for yourself and you'll see what I mean. Click here.

Thanks for popping by and have a warm weekend!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Photo hunter - nautical

Having lived on a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean nautical are things I grew up with. During secondary school time I had to cross over between Gozo and Malta weekly and the sea was not always as nice as you see it here. My first entry shows my dad as captain on his own ship.The next picture was taken in October 2008 when I returned to Gozo for just one day. In the years on boarding school this used to be my favourite view from the ferry. Entering Mgarr harbour in Gozo meant I had returned home.Another picture of the ferry between Gozo and Malta on a very calm sea.

Happy Valentine's day

Flowers (bloemen) have become Valentine flowers on this day!Real Valentine chocolates! Yummie!
And a love cracker making me the winner and letting me choose my favourite from 3 prizes! Mmm let me think...... LOL!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Black Monday

After a weekend with Tommy, today it's all over again. Everything went well and it was a fantastic weekend!

The audience was full of compliments for our musical. After the last show I even met some serious fans of Tommy who kind off grew up with him. They had the LP and the dvd besides having been to all Tommy performances in Holland. These fans told me that our Tommy had really amazed them and that we, as an amateur club, had put down a near professional show! WOW great words to hear from others!

But now it is all over for the whole group. Especially the actors call today black Monday. They have been working so hard on Tommy for more than a year that it feels kinda strange now that it's all over.

Immediately after Tommy the crew starts removing all our stage settings. Decor pieces are loaded into a truck for transport to the material yard. We have to leave the theater empty for the next show.

It always makes me feel a little melancholic when I see the theater like this.

A last peek into an empty hall.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Shadows on the wall

Again it's a beautiful sunny Sunday but still freezing cold. Last night I even had problems opening my car as the keyhole was frozen. Lucky me the door on the other side opened after a little wrestling around with the keys. OK after that the car still needed a good rub over the windows to get rid of all the ice. It cost a little time to drive off but it didn't bother me as there were more busy doing the same in the parking area. LOL

This morning I took a shadow shot of some shadows I saw here at home.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Photo hunter - bridge(s)

This road bridge is the Pont de Normandie spanning the river Seine linking Le Havre to Honfleur. We never crossed over but when in Honfleur we found a spot to see it. We admired its construction and watched big ships passing by.

On the next picture you see the Glienicke Bridge in Berlin. It spans the Havel River to connect the cities of Potsdam and Berlin. It's also known as the Bridge of Spies because the Soviet Union and the United States used it to exchange captured spies during the Cold War.

When in Potsdam we made a cycling tour and cycled over this famous bridge. Here you see us approaching the bridge from the Berlin side. A closer look before cycling over.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Tommy in the news

Wow the musical group here in town had a wonderful tryout last night!

Today there was a big photo on the front page of the local newspaper showing Tommy just after birth.

The musical starts with a grownup Tommy telling his audience that to understand his story we will look back at how his parent's met.

Won't go into details about the story for if you google a little you will find the whole story. Will show you some shots made with my small digital camera, to give you an idea of how beautiful it all was.

The Christmas party.
Note the Christmas tree in the middle of the stage.

The awful cousins with Tommy. Doctor's at loss about what Tommy's suffering from.Scene with the Acid Queen.Playing pinball.....and becoming a champion! Tommy and Sally.Final song: "See me/feel me/listening to you"If you want to join in the fun just watch and listen to part of the Reprise:

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Who's Tommy?

On my way home the other day I noticed this sign attached to a lamp post. Heh it's about Tommy, but who's Tommy? In fact there is a pun in this as it is about the Who's Tommy that is about to be performed in the theater here in town. The musical group I help as a volunteer has made a wonderful musical of the Who's Tommy.

A few months ago I watched the DVD Tommy to get the idea and I must say that it couldn't appeal to me. It just isn't my kind of story and the music is not my genre at all.

After having seen and heard a tryout of the 2nd part of the musical this past weekend I now have the feeling that it's going to be an incredible show once again. This musical group keeps amazing me with all the great ideas they have and the way all members are able to live into their roll. In one word sublime!

Of course this all wouldn't be possible without the help of a large group of volunteers. Men who have spent a lot of time making the right stage setting and who are now busy building this setting in the theater. Women that have been sewing perfect fitting clothes for all actors. An orchestra that is filled with people that love making music and are really good in it.

Again I am glad to be able to help this musical group and I am looking forward to the coming performances. In the theater with the right lights everywhere, a sound that is fantastic, beautiful clothes and a great stage setting, everybody will be able to perform to their utmost and that will give all of us a wonderful feeling!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Shadow shot - lamp

Yesterday morning the sun shone brightly into our living room and I took a picture of the sharp shadow of this lamp for shadow shot Sunday.

It always gives me a happy and energetic feeling when we get to see the sun and even though it is freezing cold outside, on sunny days it appears to me as if Spring is slowly approaching. Yes!