Monday, January 26, 2009

"Nights of rain and stars"

In my mind I was on a very small Greek island this weekend. I bought this book "Nights of rain and stars" by Maeve Binchy last week after I received another positive result for an exam. Yippie I felt so good having achieved another certificate. In fact with this certificate the end of my studies is slowly coming in sight. Still have two subjects to do and though they might not exactly be difficult to tackle, to be able to make the necessary exams it will cost a lot of time to study the advised literature besides following colleges one evening a week. If everything goes as planned I might be able to start on the thesis in September.

OK enough about studies now about this wonderful book. Maeve Binchy really writes in an easy way about normal people and I love her books because of that. "Nights of rain and stars" tells about four strangers from different countries who meet, while on holiday on a small Greek island, when a tragedy occurs on this small island.

The story is about the difficulties these four strangers are trying to escape from and with the help of an Irish woman who lives on the island they eventually find solutions to their problems. This book made me part of their lives and problems and because the story was set on a small island in the Mediteranean it really sounded familiar. Even the bookcover reminds me of another small island in the Mediteranean that I knew oh so well.

Pity the temperatures outside were not the same as in the book for that would have been even better. Oh well wishful thinking as I can't expect that in January here in Holland.


Anonymous said...

duketchHallo Carin is dat ook een boek voor mij ik ben zo vaak op die eilanden geweest .
Dat hoor ik nog wel.

June said...

Congratulations on your success and progress!! This sounds like a good book. I like Maeve Binchy's style, so no doubt I'll like this one too.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on doing so well on another exam.

The book sounds very interesting. I want to go to Greece with you. ;-)


Brian said...

Very nice. And great job on progressing! The cover of this book reminds me strangely of Mamma Mia. Did that movie make it to Holland?