Monday, January 19, 2009

Fashion exhibition

My daughter asked me to go with her to the Centraal Museum in Utrecht where she wanted to visit 'The House of Viktor & Rolf’, an extensive fashion exhibition presented by the famous designer duo Viktor & Rolf. As I am alway in for such things there we went to the exhibition.
Note that I am not at al fashion minded and hardly know anothing about fashionable dresses. But even though I am more of the casual and comfy stuff I really enjoyed this exhibition. In Dutch we say: "I looked my eyes out". Well see for yourself as I managed to take some pictures to share with you.Beautiful dolls, made to resemble the real models at fashion shows in Paris, are dressed in garments from different fashion collections. Above you see creations of the Upside Down collection. If I remember correct this was part of the No collection.Flowerbomb collectionBlack hole and White collection.The coat this doll is wearing is made of many, many bells and it is part of the Bells collection. During the real fashion show the bells made a slight chiming sound besides giving the coat a mystic, elegant and shiny effect.This dress is one of my favourites. It is from the Flowers collection when Viktor and Rolf created their first perfume. In the background they showed how the models dansed and swirled on the catwalk during the real show as if they were stunned by the perfume.


June said...

What an interesting place!

Dianne said...

I looked my eyes out - perfect saying!!

wonderful shots of fashion as art