Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big doll house

This is what I liked best at the Viktor & Rolf exhibition. A big doll house showing all dolls of the exhibition. It was wonderful.Note the clogs this doll is wearing. Here's a closer look. They are beautiful and have V&R logo on them.Here's the same bride you saw from behind in my previous blogpost. Both the doll and the dress are beautiful!The "I love you dress". I think it's great. And this is my favourite collection. These dolls were turning around the whole time. It's called the Russian doll collection and in the original show just one model stepped on the turning stage like a dancing ballerina on a musical box. After that the designers stepped on the stage and slowly dressed her in eight layers of high fashion garments one over the other. Each garment filled with Swarovski crystals and lace. WOW!


Brian said...

How perfectly unique! The little doll house reminds me strangely of the American White House -- probably because it has been on TV so much lately with the inaguration tomorrow.

June said...

That one doll reminded me of Marilyn Monroe's famous pose over the subway vent...but then when you zoomed in on her shoes, it reminded me of Dorothy's ruby slippers!

Anonymous said...

Very nice doll house!