Sunday, December 28, 2008


This is a picture of my mum and dad taken back in 1961 the year in which they got married. Aren't they hip?

Today is their wedding anniversary and nowadays it is an achievement to stay together for so many years. At least if I listen to the amount of separations around me.

So mum and dad congratulations with your 47th wedding anniversary.

Have fun today and keep it up!


Anonymous said...

Is deze foto uit mijn album gestolen?

June said...

Wonderful shot...always fascinates me to look at old photos to see the time and the place and to think about the people in they were. It's especially so when it's YOU or someone you know in the picture! Congratulations to your folks...

Anonymous said...

Het is net of ik mezelf zie staan!
En dan mag ik nog niet eens mee uit eten. Flauw hoor.

Ik vind het ook 'knap' dat ze het het al zolang volhouden (-;

Anonymous said...

Wat een knappe ZUS had en heb ik