Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Oil balls"

Frying "oil balls"outside. It's frrrrrreeezing cold! On the next picture you can see why they are called "oil balls". They are oh so greasy! Oh and just in case you're wondering they are supposed to be as round as a ball but I prefer to give them a more artistic shape. LOL Before serving we sprinkel them with powdered sugar. OK time to try one or two. You are welcome to pop over and try one. There are enough as the kids are no where to be seen and for the two of us there is much too much!After this Old Year's day you can imagine it's dieting time as from tomorrow! At least back to normal, healthy food, that fits me better.

Wishing all visitors of this blog a fun Old Year's evening and a good beginning of 2009!
Cheers and all the best for the New Year!!!


June said...

They look as yummy as the old year rolls, though I agree, they look really like balls of cholesterol :-) That wouldn't keep me from having a few though! What's their flavor?

Brian said...

Looks good! If I lived a little closer, I'd love to come have an oil ball!

Carin said...

June, I always add raisins, bigarreaux and applepieces to the dough that is made of flour, pinch of salt, an egg, yeast and milk. Must say I don't like them much and only eat them when they are still warm.

Brian, that would have been great!

Lucy said...

I must try this out someday. Looks like it would be way worth the plane ticket.