Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family secrets

Just in case you're thinking I'm letting you in with our family secrets: sorry, no I'm not. This afternoon I finished reading Family secrets, a book by Monica McInerney. The English title of this book is Those Faraday Girls. According to the site of Monica McInerney: "Those Faraday Girls is a rich and complex story full of warmth, humour and unforgettable women. Spanning several countries and thirty years, it is a deeply moving novel about family secrets and lies – and how the memories that bind us together can also keep us apart." I fully agree with this description and it was a perfect read for me on these freezing cold days.

In the background I listened to the Top 2000 on the radio. The Top 2000 plays the most popular songs of all times. It starts broadcasting from 0.00 hour on Boxing Day and continues non-stop till 24.00 hour on Old Year's eve. Really great listening! In the past 9 years everyone could vote via internet for their favourite song to be placed in the playlist of the Top 2000 of that year. Because this is the 10th Anniversary of the Top 2000 they put the playlist together out of the averages of the past 9 years. This years number one in the list is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. The past nine years it only lost its position once to a Dutch favourite song.

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June said...

Sounds like a good read. We go through the top hits at the end of the year too...a real time warp!