Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baking day

Old Year's day is baking day in this house. We always bake "oil balls" and "old year rolls". Right now the dough for the "oil balls" is rising and this afternoon I will risk frozen fingers by baking them outside in the freezing cold! Traditionally "oil balls" are eaten on Old Year's day. Nowadays the best professional baker of "oil balls" is made known on the news. This bakery is only a few minutes by car from where we live. Yesterday we passed by and there were loads of people buying "oil balls" paying EUR 0,70 for just one ball. Ha not for us! We prefer to bake them ourselves and for us the best tasting "oil balls" are our own homemade ones!

This year my hubby is baking the "old year rolls". You can see some on the picture above. The rolls represent the old year that is now closed and lying rolled up in front of us. These rolls taste delicious because of the cognac and anise seeds that are added to the dough. Mmmmm.


June said...

Now this is a tradition to adopt! Not only do I like the symbolism, but it looks and sounds yummy!! Have a healthy and safe new year Carin!

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi carin
the post is interesting. Have a happy new year 2009.

Myrthe said...

Lekker hoor mam,
bewaar je er ook wat voor mij?