Friday, November 21, 2008


Our last day in Malta we spent in Valletta. We roamed about and I would have liked to show my family the staterooms and St. John's Co-Cathedral. By mistake we visited the armoury (see above) instead of the staterooms and we found another entry price of EUR 15 to visit the staterooms a little too much. As for St. John's Co-Cathedral the queue was very long and besides that an entry of around EUR 25 is no fun either. So we just roamed around and enjoyed the beauty of the capital city of Malta. This is in the Upper Barracca gardens with a lovely view over Grand Harbour.Castille palace is the office of the prime minister.

Ruins of the Royal Opera House, which was bombed to the ground in the 2nd World War.

Our Lady of Victory church

There is much more to see and discover in Valletta. Since 1980 it is on the World Heritage List. According to World Heritage it is one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world.

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June said...

So many interesting lines and angles in these old towns...and if that weren't enough, there's such interesting architecture. A photographer's dream! I was in Europe in 1972 but was backpacking and back then only cared about snapshots. Hopefully, one day I'll return...