Monday, November 17, 2008

Salt pans

It might look as if the above picture is taken somewhere in the dessert. But no it is taken near the sea in Gozo. The landscape is fantastic over there.Our kids asked us to take them to see the salt pans near Marsalforn in Gozo.It is so lovely over there.


June said...

Never heard about these salt they have a function? I'm guessing so, but aside from just being a way to collect salt for eating, I can't think of it.

Anonymous said...

it,s true verry nice
your aunt

Carin said...

All I know is that when it is rough weather the sea comes into these salt pans and remains there. When the weather turns very sunny and hot the water evaporates and salt is left. Don’t know if the salt collected in this way is mostly for consumption. Another thing it might be used for is as rough salt to spread over the streets in winter when the roads are very slippery. If the salt is for that purpose it must be exported for you won’t find that kind of weather in Gozo.
In fact I never even wondered why those salt pans are there. Just liked the landscape in that part of the island.