Sunday, November 09, 2008

Pretty Bay

This is Pretty Bay in Malta where we spent a lovely afternoon. Over here the beach has really fine sand which is perfect for building sandcastles. Besides that you can walk easily into the clear water.
According to my tourist book it is the most beautiful beach on the island. If you look on this picture you will see how picturesque it is. But that's without looking the other way where Malta's Freeport is situated. According to my book this makes Pretty Bay ugly unless you enjoy watching the activities in the Freeport. Must say, though I still think it's a pity it is situated right there in front of such a lovely beach, we enjoyed watching the activities on the container terminals. We were lucky to see tugboats towing and pushing a big containership out of Freeport. In the distance we noticed other ships waiting to enter harbour.On this beach I also met Dina, a fellow blogger, who posts great pictures of Malta in her weblog: Malta daily photo


June said...

Oh my...I hate when industry visibly intrudes.

Dina said...

Hey I know this beach ;) , it was nice meeting with you all