Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fruits and flowers

Slowly the photo's of Malta and Gozo I want to share have all been posted in the past weeks. Here are some fruits and flowers that can be found on the Maltese islands. First of all the prickly pear.Autumn is also the season for rummiena, Maltese for pomegranate, a fruit that I used to love to eat nice and cool. Must say that I can't imagine why I ever liked eating this fruit for this time I just couldn't get rid of the little pits in my mouth. Don't know what these yellow flowers are called but I really liked them.The following picture is of a yellow hibiscus.And last but not least the oleander.


Indelibrella said...

Those prickly pear berries add a really nice flavor when you make wheat beer with them. We call it "Cactus Jack." :o)

I absolutely love hibiscus but can't get them to do much here. Thanks for those photos.

June said...

Beautiful flora!