Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dark and dreary day

On this dark and dreary Sunday shops in town were open. As we still needed to do some last minute shopping for Sint Nicolas and because we wanted some fresh air we decided to go into town.

It didn't seem too crowded as would have been quiet normal for an open Sunday. Guess the cold, dreary weather kept most people inside. This coming week the shops will be open most evenings too because of the feast of St. Nicolas we celebrate on the 5th of December.
In this shop window the sack of St. Nicolas was filled to the brim. Lights are hanging in trees and Black Pete's are playing football with some kids.Black Pete's figures are hanging around everywhere.Outside it is dark and dreary but the festivity season is surely here as can be seen by the lighted decorations hanging above the streets. Sorry this is not my season! Winter still has to come and yet I can't wait for Spring to be here again.


Anonymous said...

Leuk gedaan .Mam.

June said...

It looks like others are into the season even if you aren't :-)

Anonymous said...

The holiday decorations seem to brighten up everything. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Heeft Sinterklaas ook een kado voor mij gekocht?


KOSTAS said...

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