Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back to Gozo

Even though we stayed in Malta this holiday we simply had to go to Gozo to visit friends and see the island if only for 1 day. So here we are waiting to board the Gozo Channel Line. Crossing over to Gozo takes about half an hour. Entering Mgarr harbour.
Oh how many buildings have been build since I last visited in 2003.The little church of Our Lady of Lourdes watches over the harbour. It still touches me when I see this view and it makes me feel as if I am coming home. Imagine that, after having left the island in 1981 to go and study in Holland. Still it used to my home for about 7 years and especially the years on boarding school in Malta, weekly crossing over between Gozo and Malta, will never be forgotten!
Here's a better view of the beauty of Mgarr harbour.
Welcome to Gozo!

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June said...

A beautiful place...and wow...what a difference indeed in its development from a few years ago! It's sad in a way, but inevitable, I suppose.