Monday, October 20, 2008

St. Monica School

This is St. Monica School in Malta. I was a boarder and went to school here for about 3 years. My kids really wanted to see it.
When you enter the school you come into the above hall. I remember having to line up here in the morning to sing the national anthem and pray before we went into class.
This is the little chapel in the school where the catholic girls could attend mass early in the morning.
I was so glad to see Sr. Nancy again. She used to take care of the boarders. On the above picture we are near the toilets, showers and washing tabels. Each boarder had one of those cupboards on the right for putting away clothing and other personal stuff.
This is the main entrance of the school. Here we are taking just one more picture before leaving.


June said...

Looks like this institution fared much better over the years than your father's factory. How nice for you that you got to visit it...and how nice that Sr. Nancy was still around!

marie6 said...

Dina told me you were here on holiday, shame I missed meeting you. Looks like you did a lot of catching up and sightseeing.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! The memories! I was there at the school for 6 years total, but only boarded for one year. I was there from 1979-1985. Lesa Azimi (American)