Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Rose Labyrinth

The Rose Labyrinth is a book that is a little difficult to read at times. It tells the story of the heritage a son gets from his mother: a little silver key and a piece of paper with a cryptic message. This heritage was passed on to all the female ascendants of John Dee a famous spy, astrologist and mathematician in his time. The mother of Will didn't have any daughters so she decided to pass the heritage on to her younger son. After receiving the heritage he tries to unwind its mysteries. To do so he walks the labyrinth in Chartres and finally knows what it is all about. On his way back home to share his knowledge with his father and brother he has an accident from which he doesn't recover. In the meantime in a hospital in London a very ill woman is waiting for a heart operation.

The story of these two souls will become one in the search of the mysteries of The Rose Labyrinth. But this labyrinth does't give way to its secrets that easily.

I enjoyed reading this book very much and the story captured me. Parts of the book were very specific and for me hard to understand in a first read. So every now and then I had to reread a part to be able to follow the plot of the story better. On the whole I can recommend this book as a good book to read with an interesting and touching story.

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