Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cow watching

To get my much needed exercise I decided to go cycling this morning. When on my way I noticed all these police and traffic controls passing by. All of a sudden there was a voice telling me to cycle faster because I would be beaten by 700 cyclists. On turning around I saw them nearing me on the main road. I stopped to take some pictures (see below) and after taking the last picture I noticed these cows, they made me grin for they seemed to have been watching too. :)


June said...

Good for you!

Maria said...

Huhu, that's a funny story! The cows ejoying this sport event!
We have an old zoo in Vienna and in the last years they have modernized the cages and everything. So now sometimes the animals are outside in a larger area and the human visitors stand in the former (small) cages and look through the bars at the animals. The roles seem to be reverted! ;)
Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a nice week!