Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Annual speech

On our way into the city of The Hague.
Waiting near Noordeinde Palace for the Golden Carriage to pass.
The first horses.
Military escort.
More horses.
Carriage with members of the Royal Family.
Even more horses.
The Golden Carriage approaching.
I thought I took a good picture of the Carriage and its passengers! But didn't realise the windows turned out as mirrors in this shot. LOL!
There the Golden Carriage goes.
Escorted by even more horses.
This is where they are all going, to the Binnenhof for the annual speech of the Queen.
In the evening, before returning home we cycled over the Binnenhof and here is the Knight's Hall where the Queen held her annual speech.
A last look at Noordeinde Palace before we returned home.

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June said...

What a time warp this post was!