Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summerholidays over....where was the sun?

Summerholidays are now nearly over and as from Monday life will be back to normal again. Today I spent several hours in the office to catch up on things. It felt good.

Must say it doesn't feel as if we just ended summerholidays for the sun didn't show itself very much this summer. This always makes me feel slightly depressed. For me the sun makes life so much brighter and colourful and I really missed that nice sunny weather. But what to do about it? There is nobody who can change a thing about the weather.

Lucky for us we did discover a whole new part of France and saw many castles. Besides that we have a holiday to look forward to as within a few months we shall be spending a week in my beloved Malta.

Guess I will turn blogging back to a lower level so you won't be seeing much of me around here. Work and study will keep me occupied the coming months and besides that I am at a loss at the moment what to blog about. Even taking pictures is dull in this area where we live. Though I always keep an open eye for things to share with others via my blog. Again it is the sun that makes everything look dull on this side of the globe.

Lucky for me there are many others that live in interesting places which they share via blogging and lovely photo's. I will surely come and visit your blogs to read your stories and see your photo's. Keep it up.

Have a nice weekend.


June said...

Will miss your posts, but certainly understand time philosophy is BWO = Blogging Without Obligation

Dina said...

hey, you mentioned you will be coming to Malta?? fantastic !! If you want we can meet for a coffee. Let me know when and where.