Tuesday, August 26, 2008


CIHODA = Children Holidays

Yep the last week of summer holidays is here and in the town where we live there are the children holidays. Three days filled with fun for all primary school kids in town.

And this is how it always starts with lots of wood and clean kids. The tent you see in the background is for the play that is always interwoven in these days. This year it is about magicians.

At the end of the first day this is how they come home: paint everywhere!! Yak!

Clothes and shoes will be worn another 2 days and after they will end up in the dustbin. But underneath those clothes he was completely smeared with paint. Lucky for me hubby came home when our son was standing in the shower. He just had a look there and came down again to take a hard brush upstairs. It took him quiet a while but afterwards at least our son was paintfree!

Good thing the coming days there will be no more playing with paint. Tomorrow they will do water games and the other day will be spend in the forest.


Anonymous said...

Wat een heerlijke vent .

Dina said...

Oh that is fantastic!! my kids would love that!