Monday, August 25, 2008

Amusement park

Unexpectedly I went to De Waarbeek yesterday with my mum and dad. They were taking their youngest grandchildren to this amusement park. This is the nostalgic swing mill. It is standing still because they had a lunch break. Later the kids swung merrily around again.
In these type of cars kids could drive through special lanes. Oh what joy to see how proud they were driving a car on their own. This is a picture of the roller coaster. Oh they had great fun in this roller coaster and when it made a dive they would all scream their heads off like in a grownup roller coaster.
Our youngest nephew really loved this colourful carousel. He sat in many different kind of "seats" like a plane, a bike and a schoolbus.

It was a delight to go along and see how much fun they were all having. Every time again they ran to the next attraction as if they hadn't been in it before. The queue was short so they could go as often as they liked. The park is not very big and is very suitable for children till about 12 years of age. Thanks mum and dad for taking good care of this stowaway, I had a great day!

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June said...

Sounds like a fun time and the park looks to be just the right size...