Thursday, July 24, 2008

Positive results

All these flowers just for me to celebrate the fact that I got positive results for the exams I did in June.

Oh I feel so happy to have passed these exams. I would have hated to do a law subject all over again.

Now I can start with a new subject in September. Still about 4 subjects to go and a final Bachelor project.

And that at my age!!! It proves you are never too old to learn!


June said...

Much congratulations!

Wade said...

Congratulations Carin!

Sabine said...

Congrats Carin, this is wonderful! I'm a little jealous. I should have done something more useful with all the idle time I enjoyed in the past 2 years. Keep it up, you're doing great!!

(sorry for being "a little" late... haven't been around the blogosphere for a while!)

Anonymous said...

hi ! Well done for your good results. I am also a mature student studying law, unfortunately I failed one exam - Roman Law and have to resit in Sept. Funnily enough it was a subject I really like yet found it really hard to memorize all the stuff. Congrats and keep it up :)

Carin said...

Thanks for your congrats!