Monday, July 21, 2008


The moment we heard that Mamma Mia the movie would be in the cinemas we knew we just had to see it.

As long as I remember I have been an Abba fan. A few years ago we saw the musical and it was wonderful.

After all the rain we had today (it looked like Autumn and not at all like the first day of summer holidays in this part of Holland) we thought it a good evening to go to the cinema. And it was just great!

It was funny to see "James Bond" singing in this movie. Besides all the beautiful Abba songs it was a delight to see all the local people join in the singing. Even though we know the story of this movie (somehow I recall having seen an Abba movie before) we had a lovely evening. At times we laughed our heads off and for me it brought back memories of days long ago.

I have a dream.......................... oh well I'd better be off now, goodnight!

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June said...

Mama Mia's on our things to do list this month. Glad to hear you liked the movie even after seeing the play. I saw the play a few years ago and loved it. What a high it was!