Sunday, July 13, 2008

Country walk

Perfect weather to go for a walk in the countryside.The peacockhouse Through the forest.
A flock of sheep. Crossing a little path over the water.Wonderful paths through the forest.And then out in the open through the heathland. Oh yes that's a perfect tree to climb in.
Time for a drink.
Here we are on the highest point called De Posbank (85 m above NAP). From there you have a lovely view over the surrounding area.On our way back.Horses in the distance.The last part back through the forest.
Here I look back and can still see the heathland in the distance.


Anonymous said...

Had niet veel gescheeld
of wij waren ook op de postbank geweest.
It,s a nice place

June said...

Such lovely surroundings!

Heart of Rachel said...

Beautiful photos. It looks like a lovely day for a leisure walk.

julie said...

Carin, this is a wonderful place to hike. Well, it looks like a very quiet place to live!

Have a great week!