Friday, June 06, 2008

Photo hunter - bad hair

Sorry, I won't be joining photo hunter this week, though I could have taken a picture of my own hair. Now that it is slowly turning gray it is feeling like straw at times, besides that it is oh so dry. Amazingly for when I was so much younger it used to be very greasy!! Go figure!!

At the moment I'm quiet busy with my studies and it is costing me loads of time. Oh I'll be glad when the exams will be over again in about 2 weeks time. Am already looking forward to reading a good book or two to studying all those law books!! In fact I bought Sepulchre the other day and the reviews are really good. Won't start reading now though for I can imagine myself not being able to put it away!

Because of my studies I am also missing out on the lovely weather that we have had and still have. In fact it has been feeling summerlike for a long time now and it is making me worried about what summer is going to bring. Tonight we made a nice bikeride on our mountainbikes and it was terrific. After that I couldn't put myself to study and I joined my daughter watching Notting Hill and watched the life of a bookshop owner change after meeting a famous film star. Sweet romantic movie with laughable parts in it at times. We really enjoyed ourselves watching it.

This week I also joined Facebook. Through this weblog more former boarders found me and joined the St Alumni Site we made. Besides that we are trying to find more people through Facebook.

OK time to go and have a rosé outside and enjoy a little more of this summer evening! Cheers!

Thanks for popping by and have a great weekend!


Wade said...

Enjoy your sunny weather Carin! We are still having clouds, rain showers and high temperatures about 12-14 degrees C...feels a bit like winter! Good luck on your studies, but remember to take a little time for yourself too! You and yours be well!

Carin said...

Thanks Wade, as you can read in my next blogpost I do take time for myself too but I can't wait for exams to be over!
If I could I would send some sunny weather your way :)

jams o donnell said...

Good luck with your exams!

Carver said...

Good luck with the rest of your exams. I hope you have a great rest of your weekend.

girasoli said...

I think you just described my hair! Good luck with your studies. Hope you get some relief soon.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with your Exams Carin!
Thanks for visiting mine :-)