Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last day in Neffiès

Our last day in Neffiès (now nearly 2 weeks ago) was spent relaxing, cleaning and packing. In the afternoon we decided to drive once more through the mountains, behind the house, to the Cirque de Mourèze.
We just wanted to take a look but when we arrived we learned we could make several walks. As we didn't have much time we decided to go for the shortest walk! It would take about one hour.

On entering the unique landscape of the Cirque de Mourèze we realised our big mistake. Slippers and open shoes are no good when walking through! Besides that it was very, very hot!

The sandy path we followed was very narrow and was going higher and higher. The heat was getting worse and worse. But the lanschape WOW what a chaotic landscape dominated by many dolomite towers. The further we walked the wilder it got and it was oh so beautiful!

At a certain point we decided to go no further but to return the way we came. On returning at the starting point we realised that we had taken the wrong turn at the beginning and had been walking the most difficult path through the Cirque. The walk would have taken nearly 4 hours!! Good thing we went back!
The impressions we got of the Cirque are magnifique!!


June said...

What an adventure! This place looks so interesting.

Nabeel said...

the last photo is lovely. Spring also shows that life once again blossoms.