Monday, May 12, 2008


Whenever you are in the neighbourhood of Carcassonne you must go and see this wonderful old town.

We were lucky to be here in the low season for it was not too busy so we could walk quietly around. It is very touristic with many shops and lots of places to eat, drink and buy icecream. In the high season it must be crowded. It is a very well preserved medieval walled town and we enjoyed walking through it.

Must say the sight of the old city from the new bridge was really impressive and that I liked most. You can see the picture I took of that sight above. It might look like a postcard but I really took the photo myself with a small digital camera. It shows the fortified city of Carcassonne and the pont Vieux crossing the Aude river.


June said...

I think France would be such a lovely place to live. I'd not heard of Carcassonne before but your photos of it sure make me want to visit it! I would prefer being there - being anywhere - in low season...if the weather mild enough!

Clarence said...

That's a fab photo of the old city. Would love to visit places like that, but don't get to Europe very often.